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Jacquelyn Duggan with Greenhouse Coaching

In this episode Steve shares about his new relationship with rest and how it’s feels good and isn’t the result of burnout. He dives into rest AND productivity (and even some corporate deconstruction). Show Notes Timestamps: (00:00:00) Pickleball (00:04:25) Coaching Shoutout (00:05:55) Personality Gripe (00:08:03) Charleston Trip / Needing Rest (00:10:29) What Steve Has Been […]

189 – Pickleball, Saying the Thing, Rest + Sabbaticals

Personal Growth, Podcast

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Jacquelyn Duggan with Greenhouse Coaching

We’re used to prepping for work…creating meeting agendas, outlining action items, and communicating with coworkers. But how come we don’t take that same approach to our home life? What would happen if we took the time to be intentional at home too? In a world filled with Netflix and Tik Tok distractions, it’s easy to […]

188 – Summer TV Shows, Leadership Communication + ‘Saying The Feeling’

Personal Growth, Podcast

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Sundie Marquardt with Greenhouse Coaching

In this inspiring guest episode, Steve Perkins sits down with Fay Manolios, a former high-powered HR executive who made a life-changing decision to step back and reclaim her time. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own career journey, or simply curious about the transformative power of bold decisions, Fay’s story will motivate you to take […]

187 – Reclaiming Time: a Career Transition Interview with Fay Manolios

Career Transition, Podcast

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Dana Lin with Greenhouse Coaching

When you’re overwhelmed and busy, it’s very difficult to get yourself out of that rut – because there’s no time! Luckily, there’s a simple tool that can fix it all: your calendar. Looking at your calendar with a fresh perspective, and being proactive instead of reactive, will give you new clarity and the space to […]

186 – Be the CEO of Your Own Calendar

Podcast, Productivity

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Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

In this episode, Steve Perkins is sharing the ultimate hack for establishing yourself in meetings! The best part? It’s simple! He’ll explore why being the first to share a visual can level up your presence, giving you the power to steer the conversation, highlight your leadership skills, and get everyone on the same page. Show […]

185 – Picture-Perfect Meetings: Establish Yourself With a Visual!

Leadership, Personal Growth, Podcast

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Join us in this final episode of the Gen Z episode series as Sundie shares valuable tips for leaders on how to connect with their Gen Z team members, learn from their experiences, and provide the support they need. We’ll explore the dos and don’ts of fostering meaningful working relationships with Gen Z and empower […]

184 – Cracking the Code: The 3 C’s of Relating to Gen Z (Part 3)

Leadership, Podcast

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