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In this episode of the Career Sweetspot podcast, Steve and Sundie dive into the idea of trading in traditional goals for creating rhythms. Drawing from his own experience, Steve shares how breaking down overwhelming tasks into manageable chunks helped him achieve success without feeling weighed down. In reality, adopting a rhythm-based approach can lead to […]

212 – Turning Your Goals Into Rhythms (Mini Series)

Personal Growth, Podcast

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Sundie Marquardt with Greenhouse Coaching

On today’s mini episode, Sundie hones in on the spectrum of Warmth vs. Confidence — how leaders sometimes struggle with the feeling of having to choose whether they are liked or whether they are respected by their team — and how you can reflect on where you fall on that spectrum. Which one do want to learn into more? Are you happy […]

211 – Warmth vs Competence (Mini Series)

Leadership, Podcast

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In the spirit of the ‘new year, new you’ mindset, we’re trying something a little different for the month of January. We’re doing a series of mini episodes – twice a week, short conversations on different topics that will (hopefully!) spark ideas of goals or intentions for you this year. But today’s mini is actually […]

210 – Themes Over Goals (Mini Series)

Podcast, Productivity

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Lost Office Collaborative in Richmond, VA

2024 is off to an exciting start for Greenhouse Coaching – we’ve partnered with Lost Office here in Richmond, VA! So this week, Steve and Sundie invited co-founders Christian Markow and Mark Brown onto the podcast to share their vision behind Lost Office — steering away from conventional coworking models and towards an ‘Oceans 11-inspired’ […]

209 – BTS at Lost Office: Building Collaborative Teams with Christian Markow + Mark Brown

Leadership, Podcast, Productivity

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Steve and Greenhouse Coach Tracey Baumwell break down the reality of 1:1 meetings – why they so often seem like a waste of time, what that time SHOULD be used for, and how to set up a new meeting framework that sets a tone of safety and trust. Show Notes Timestamps: (00:00:00) Tracey’s Worst Manager […]

208 – Feedback and 1:1’s with Greenhouse Coach Tracey Baumwell

Career Development, Leadership, Personal Growth, Podcast

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Steve and Sundie invited ​Greenhouse Coach Desmond Lee​ on the podcast to talk about creating a Personal Brand – why it matters, what you can do with it, and how to start building your own. Show Notes Timestamps: (00:00:00) Sleep Hygiene (00:03:46) Social Anxiety (00:05:20) Situational Awareness (00:09:12) Personal Brand with Greenhouse Coach Desmond Lee […]

207 – Sleep Hygiene, Social Anxiety + Your Personal Brand with Greenhouse Coach Desmond Lee

Career Development, Career Transition, Personal Growth, Podcast

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