209 – BTS at Lost Office: Building Collaborative Teams with Christian Markow + Mark Brown



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2024 is off to an exciting start for Greenhouse Coaching – we’ve partnered with Lost Office here in Richmond, VA! So this week, Steve and Sundie invited co-founders Christian Markow and Mark Brown onto the podcast to share their vision behind Lost Office — steering away from conventional coworking models and towards an ‘Oceans 11-inspired’ mindset that cultivates a culture of team collaboration and collective success.

Show Notes


(00:00:00) Intro to Lost Office – What is it? How is Greenhouse involved?

(00:04:58) What Lost Office ISN’T.

(00:20:33) Common team goal-setting themes for 2024.

(00:27:36) What are Mark and Christian most excited about for Lost Office?


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