Our motivation is to help YOu see what's possible in your life and step into your true potential.

The Vision of Greenhouse Coaching

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Steve Perkins, Founder & CEO

Maybe so far, you’ve fumbled your way through your career and made small pivots here and there, without ever really stopping to understand your path.

You read all the books and listen to all the podcasts…but, how do you actually turn those learnings into something – into progress, action, clarity? How do you get unstuck where you are, and figure out what’s next in your life and career?

The way we are invited to contribute our gifts to the world is changing, and Greenhouse Coaching is showing the way

I believe we have much more that’s possible in our lives, but we’re often stuck operating at a fraction of who we truly are and what we’re capable of.

After years of learning and testing, I created the Greenhouse Method: a simple process that combines proven tactics with the power of professional life and leadership coaching to transform from stuck to clarity and career fulfillment.

I’ve been there too, and in fact, it’s from these same questions that I started Greenhouse in 2017. I wanted clarity about my purpose and how I spent the majority of my waking hours at work.

I wanted to know how my strengths and passions aligned with my career and life goals. And, I wanted a vision for what I was building towards in life.

Our approach is like a greenhouse

Seed represents your Career Sweetspot - you have to know what kind seed you have in order to help it thrive.

Soil represents well-crafted Resources and Guidance to help you move forward.

Water represents coaching, and our
 20+ years of Coaching experience guarantees clarity, guidance, and accountability.

Sun represents community, and our Membership Community makes all of this work together - you can’t go at it alone.

Not about trying to force a result, but creating the right environment: 
seed, soil, water, + sun.

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We like to have fun while also tackling the biggest topics intentional people are thinking about in work, leadership, and life. 

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It’s possible to get clarity and confidence on the right next step for your life, you just need a process with coaching and community.

It’s also possible to step into your Career Sweetspot and have work that facilitates the life you want to have. Something that fits and feels good… like that first sip of fresh brewed coffee. Something that utilizes your strengths, your passions, and your personality to help others.

Life’s too short to just go through the motions. You are worth investing in, and we’re here to help see you through what’s next.

the people behind greenhouse coaching

Steve Perkins

ceo & founder

Steve is the Founder of Greenhouse and an ICF certified Executive Leadership Coach, focused on coaching leaders and business owners. When he created The Greenhouse Method in 2017, his goal was to help people step into their purpose and live life more fully.

His unique expertise is in guiding people through transitions - getting from here to there. From scattered to focused. From status quo to new possibilities. From stuck to sweet spot. From wandering to living intentionally.

When he's not coaching and leading Greenhouse, you can find Steve sharing thoughts about life/leadership/business on Greenhouse’s podcast Career Sweetspot, snowboarding or playing music, and exploring new food with his family and friends.



Head of Coaching & Development

Sundie’s coaching and speaking is unparalleled. She is a natural-born storyteller whose career has spanned small companies all the way up to Fortune 500 organizations with experiences in talent management, career coaching, consulting, and communications. 

She has spoken on countless stages and is consistently rated #1 as the most requested keynote speaker. Sundie is a Certified Group Facilitator with ability to train groups on communication, career growth, leadership development, and company culture. She enjoys facilitating corporate coaching and has advised over 10,000 clients in her career – including A-list celebrities and executives from major Fortune 500 companies. 

With a warm and compassionate leadership, Sundie influences and inspires all of the Greenhouse coaches she oversees. When she’s not coaching and leading the Greenhouse Coaches, you can find her chatting on Greenhouse’s podcast Career Sweetspot, practicing stand-up comedy, and spending time with her family on her perfect screened-in porch.


jacquelyn duggan

Community + Experience Manager

Jacquelyn is at the center of all things Greenhouse. Basically, she makes everything happen that needs to happen: helping create memorable customer experiences, well-crafted brand, and authentic communications. She juggles complex projects with ease and maintains a keen level of organization. Her insights in brand communication and UX, paired with her writing skills and consistent attention to all the small details, keeps everything running smoothly at Greenhouse. 

You might be asking yourself, does she really do all of that great work? Yes. But really... she’s planning the menu for the next team dinner + cocktails with Julia Child-level care.


robyn betz

Community Coordinator

Robyn’s background as a Medical Laboratory Scientist gives her a unique perspective and experience to the team. She approaches community support, scheduling, process management, and member services with precision. Robyn’s specialty in communication brings fun and levity to every interaction with our team and community. Most notably, Robyn’s super power is finding the right size container for leftovers on the first try every time.


steve perkins

leadership | time management | business
career sweetspot | team culture | vision + goals
strategic planning

Steve is the Founder of Greenhouse and an ICF certified Executive Leadership Coach, focused on coaching leaders and business owners.

His unique expertise is in guiding people to understand themselves better and step into more of their purpose and potential in all areas of life.

As one client said, “After our coaching session, I went back and wrote 100 sticky notes. I'm so energized when we talk and it gets my brain functioning at a whole new level.”

Steve is a dot-connector and creates unique wins for clients by drawing on his expertise in people-leadership, time management, organizational design, Agile methodology, Design Thinking, and personality archetypes.


sundie marquardt

communication | confidence | career | leadership
team culture | personal brand | public speaking

More than 10,000 clients over the past 30 years have experienced “lightbulb moments'' thanks to Sundie’s unparalleled coaching skills. Her superpower is the unique ability to empathize with nearly any situation and then strategize to inspire action in her clients. Sundie’s specialties include communication, personal confidence, leadership growth, career coaching, and team engagement. She is a Certified Group Facilitator and has spoken on countless stages where she is consistently rated #1 as the most requested keynote speaker. Sundie leverages her work across multiple industries and her upbeat energy to inject clients with inspiration and clear next steps. 


dana lin

career | business | stress management | mindset
forgiveness | imposter syndrome | goal-setting

Dana has been showing teams and leaders how to get unstuck for over 20 years. She’s grown and scaled young businesses, earning them millions in revenue. She enjoys helping high performers pivot into their dream careers and coaching them to negotiate an average of 25% increase in compensation. Her clients rave about her ability to push them toward achieving success without sacrificing their wellbeing because Dana is an expert at avoiding burnout.

When she’s not coaching her clients, you can find Dana traveling the world with her family and finding some pretty amazing eats along the way.



rebecca lee

career | business | personality types
DEI | team culture

Rebecca's background in human resources has given her ample experience working directly with clients to translate big ideas into action. She has extensive experience delivering on talent programs, designing workshops, and supporting strategic initiatives. Rebecca is a certified executive diversity coach, and is skilled in supporting leaders & teams to collaborate, coach & build trust - at all levels, in all ways.

tracey baumwell

career | business | leadership | development

As a leadership and development consultant and coach, Tracey brings her expertise to people managers and executives for upleveling. Tracey’s primary experience comes with her background in building and running HR teams in various media companies; including SocialCode, The Washington Post, NPR, & Slate. She specializes in practical tools to make meaningful shifts in work and life. You will see her incorporate her humor and authenticity into how she coaches and facilitates, yet her focus is always on progress and momentum.



desmond lee

career | business | team culture | development

With an extensive background in Supply Chain Management, Desmond specializes in program development, transformation, and leading high-performing teams. He is skilled in helping clients look beyond the surface of the 'what' and 'how'. He guides them on a journey to discover what's most important - their 'why'. His calming and witty demeanor brings a balanced dynamic to his coaching style, and his primary motivation (his why) is to provide coaching guidance through a consultative lens.

joe wise

podcast & media producer

emily faraone

brand strategist & designer

Greenhouse collaborators

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joe wise

Podcast & Media Producer

If it’s visually stunning, it came from Joe. If it's a random goofy comment during a serious meeting, it came from Joe. The team relies on his expertise to create graphics, enhance media strategy, and (thanks to his training and experience as a musician and audio engineer) record top notch podcasts. Joe’s knowledge of design keeps the community looking stylish online while guaranteeing a sleek user experience. His passion in approaching the world with curiosity allows him to produce compelling experiences that inspire people. Joe is the Owner and Chief Visionary of JSW Productions, a full-suite creative production group.


emily faraone

Brand Strategist & Designer

Emily works with the Greenhouse team to ensure every element feels on-brand. She leads creative direction to enable everything to look on-brand visually and strategizes so that it feels authentic to who Greenhouse is. She is the designer behind our website, podcast cover, social media, brand collateral, and more! She also strategizes on user experience and messaging. Emily thinks broadly about how all the pieces need to fit together to make the whole successful. Emily is the Founder, and Head Creative of Deerly Co. a design studio helping brands visually represent who they are while strategically communicating to their target audience.


Jesse Morquecho

Ad & SEO Strategist

Jesse is the co-founder, and leads account management and client strategy at Till Agency, a digital advertising agency headquartered right here in Richmond, VA.  He’s the guy people ask when a subject gets complicated. He’s great at figuring out ways to get things done–which may or may not be a direct result of his love of the outdoors. Of course, his experience building complicated attribution software doesn’t hurt either. 


abigail johnston


Abigail is the commercial, portrait and editorial photographer behind Abigail Grey Photography. When not working, she is spending time with her husband Ben, a red-headed Art Director and their cutest little bernedoodle, Georgie, in their home in downtown Richmond. Most often you can find her reading on her porch with a glass of wine, researching where the next ski trip will be or studying to become a licensed clinical therapist! 


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