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A fun and insightful podcast, with personality gripes, coaching + cocktails, and guests sharing their non-linear career paths.

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Steve and Sundie do a great job of being vulnerable and transparent with their own personal struggles and how they overcome their bias / habits. Very relatable - I love it!!

I love the scope of topics and range of type of advice. I can find an episode that’s giving broader leadership advice (but with actionable takeaways) as well as more tactical episodes. There is something here for everyone based on whatever you are working on at the moment!

I discovered this podcast about a month ago and found the advice and encouragement so helpful I have been going back and listening to past episodes. I feel that if I can implement just a couple things mentioned it can be transformational. 

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From Our Listeners

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Steve Perkins

Our founder, Steve, is the creator of The Greenhouse Method; however, much of his career was spent in corporate America – in a high-tech startup, research and development, and corporate culture – after earning a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. Based on his time working in environments from startups to Fortune 500 companies and studying leadership and organizational design, Steve is known for a diverse skill set. He even holds a Fortune 500 US patent!

Steve has earned master’s-level certificates in business analysis, process management, Agile methodology, and Design Thinking. He is also a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Certified Group Facilitator, and Certified Personalysis Practitioner who has been featured in Inc. 5000 Magazine and is passionate about getting people unstuck so they can grow into more fulfilling lives. 

Greenhouse coaching founder + ceo


Sundie Marquardt

Head of Coaching & Development

Sundie’s coaching and speaking is unparalleled. She is a natural-born storyteller whose career has spanned small companies all the way up to Fortune 500 organizations with experiences in talent management, career coaching, consulting, and communications. 

She has spoken on countless stages and is consistently rated #1 as the most requested keynote speaker. Sundie is a Certified Group Facilitator with an extraordinary ability to train groups on communication, career growth, leadership development, and company culture. She enjoys facilitating corporate coaching and has advised over 10,000 clients in her career – including executives from major Fortune 500 companies. With a warm and compassionate leadership, Sundie influences and inspires all of the Greenhouse coaches she oversees.