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Dana Lin and Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (7:37) First off- a few reasons why you may not be ready (and that’s okay!) (11:38) You feel stuck. (13:58) You have no idea what you want to be ‘when you grow up’. (16:50) You’re consistently dreading Mondays. (20:08) You’re burned out and/or think it’s too late to make a change. (22:36) You need structure […]

159 – 5 Reasons to hire a career coach.

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Steve Perkins and Sundie Marquardt with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (6:10) Anxiety – a common barrier! (8:00) Know whether you are an introvert or extrovert. (11:27) Identify what holds you back. (11:58) Set small goals for yourself. (16:30) Learn how to word that initial email. (19:38) Create a ‘soft agenda’ for your meeting. (26:18) Respect their time. (27:40) Ask for referrals. (29:30) Be […]

157 – 3 Tips to help you network better.

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When it comes to career-purpose, there are 3 camps: Empty Pursuit Instagram Perfect Career Sweetspot Let’s break down what each of these are. Camp #1: Empty Pursuit If you’re in this camp, you’re probably thinking or feeling something along the lines of: “Career-purpose is a bunch of BS. You just need to put your head […]

The 3 camps of career purpose

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We tend to assume that others communicate the way we do!  But we need to understand how our coworkers prefer to communicate – not to change who we are, but to raise our awareness and meet them where they are at.   Everyone has a different communication style, and our lack of awareness is often […]

148: How to navigate your coworkers’ communication styles.

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Looking for a job but not sure where to start? Itching to get that resume cleaned up? Well, put that pen down. Do not touch your resume! So often when we’re ready to look for another job, the first thing we want to do is to “fix” the resume. We’re here to tell you — […]

7 Principles to organize your job search

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There are over 6 million new businesses started each year in the US, according to the Small Business Administration. And even before the 2020 surge of new business startups, small businesses made up 99.9% of businesses in the country. Part of the motivation for many of these entrepreneurs and solopreneurs is the desire to “help […]

5 Tips for starting a coaching business

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