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Our cost-effective solution for companies to develop people-leaders with 1-on-1 coaching, premium digital courses, goal-setting and focus meetups, and more. 

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Workshops don't have to be boring! Our approach is one that teams love and that consistently produces real results in the culture and the work.


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Most events feel like an obligation people aren't excited about. Your event can be different if you have a speaker who actually engages the audience!


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Leadership Development That Actually WOrks

Most leadership programs are costly and the change doesn't actually stick.

Whether it's engagement, retention, remote-work challenges, productivity, or fixing team dysfunction... real change happens when individuals have coaching.

Problem is, this isn't usually affordable for the whole team. To solve this, we created the Greenhouse Membership for Teams - a low-cost subscription that delivers big results.

Individuals get 1:1 coaching (using our roadmap of people-leader topics), along with digital courses and group sessions to set goals and stay focused. We find it's especially impactful for people-leaders who were great doers, but now find themselves needing to lead!

The #1 thing great people want is to be invested in, not more resources. And since you don't always have the time, we take it off your plate so your team gets better, feels cared for, and is excited about work.

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Weekly or Bi-Weekly 45min One-on-One Coaching with Leadership Growth Roadmap Topics

Focus + Productivity Premium Digital Courses

Community with Other Leaders on the App

Bi-Weekly One-on-One 60min Coaching Sessions with an Experienced  Greenhouse Executive Coach

Intake Assessment to Identify Points of Leverage + Quick Growth

Personality Assessment to Action Plan for Passions, Strengths + Blindspots

Other Coaching Tools Used As Needed

Spot-call + Messaging Access and Flexible Scheduling as Needed

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Your membership includes

Membership coaching sessions take place virtually and are 45-minutes long. You may choose to schedule them monthly or bi-weekly, depending on your Membership level. Come as you are to these sessions, though a notebook, a topic to work on, and an open mind are encouraged. 

Every month, the Coaches also host an All-Member Livestream dedicated to a particular topic on career or personal growth. Just join and listen wherever you are!


Meet the coaches

Step-by-step short video modules and downloadable resources you can watch on your own time! Our courses work through any of the steps of the Greenhouse Method: 




This course is all about setting meaningful goals and intentions to move toward your vision and what’s next. Using the 7 life categories, you'll walk through a simple process to get it on paper.

The reality is, most people aren’t sure where to start with goals, or it’s just hard to stick to them over time. Good news is, there really is a simple solution: set goals from your vision. Your vision informs your goals, and your goals make a weekly planning rhythm quick and clear!

Weekly Planning Rhythm

Here’s the reality: you want to stay focused on what matters most, but with urgent and important to-do’s constantly popping up, it can be really hard to go at it all alone. 

How do you stay organized when there’s so much happening?

The practical solution is to have a system that takes the guesswork out. A rhythm that isn’t subject to the emotional and situational ups and downs. And something that moves you toward your goals and life vision.

This course guarantees that you’ll walk away with a game-plan as you head into the week, and peace of mind that you’re working towards what really matters in your life.


Learn the skills and tools you need to hone in on your leadership potential.

• 5 Tips for Difficult Conversations
• A Formula for Advancement
• Tips for Leading Successful One-on-One's
• A Simple Guide to Prioritization
• How to Avoid Meeting Fatigue in a Virtual Environment
• Effective Delegation
• Communication Confusion
• Leading Better Through Listening
• Listening Questions
• Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Self Doubt
• Why Core Values Matter
• Identify Your Core Values
• Sample One-on-One's Tracker Sheet for Managers
• Shifting From Performer to Leader
• Simple Personal Brand Statement
• Team Norms
• Career Advancement
• Where to Start With One-on-One's


Learn the skills and tools you need to hone in on in your day-to-day work.

• Why Core Values Matter
• Identify Your Core Values
• How to Avoid Meeting Fatigue in a Virtual Environment
• Communication Confusion
• 5 Tips for Difficult Conversations
• A Simple Guide to Prioritization
• Listening Skills for the Workplace
• Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Self Doubt
• Listening Questions
• Simple Personal Brand Statement
• Team Norms
• Career Advancement
• Tips for Successful One-on-One's

It’s overwhelming to go at this whole life and career thing alone! We believe it’s better together. 

Each month you’ll find thoughtful dialogue in the community newsfeed, see what others are up to, and have access to send direct messages to the Coaches. Our community isn’t just another social media platform, but rather a safe place to have real conversations with people doing the same things as you.


Bryan Miles

Co-founder, belay

“What Greenhouse offers you is critical to making a bigger and more meaningful impact. You need to understand your vision and direction to be your most effective self.”


Finding Your Career Sweetspot
Safety & Trust
How to Lead Effective 1-on-1’s
Inspiring an Ownership Mindset
Aligning Roles with Strengths
Meeting Modes & Team Norms
Communication Fundamentals
Be Someone People Love to Talk To
Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt
Avoiding Burnout & Meeting Fatigue
Vulnerability & the Gift of Going First
Influence & Judgment
Productivity Trap
Design Thinking & Innovation Sprints
Strategic Planning – Values, Vision, Goals, Rhythms, & Metrics

Our workshops have been described as "Electric!", probably because we facilitate in a unique way that combines authenticity, teaching, and practical exercises that translate to the day-to-day work. Pick the topic that's most relevant, or schedule a call to discuss your custom needs.

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Looking to bring a guest speaker to your upcoming event, leadership meeting, or retreat? 

Our most common feedback is, "That was my favorite talk in a long time!".

Book the team at Greenhouse for your keynote or breakout session!

We love to partner with organizations to help them lead better by offering genuine, inspiring, and practical messages.

Whether it to a room of leaders or a 2,000 person audience, our talks are designed to energize the room and give them actionable steps to move forward.

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