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Steve sits down with Greenhouse Coach Rebecca Lee this week to talk all things boundaries: how to prioritize, how to say no, and how to make space for what really matters to you. Show Notes Timestamps: (00:00:00) The Career Sweetspot Challenge (00:12:20) Introducing Greenhouse Coach Rebecca Lee (00:20:41) Boundaries + Learning How to Say No (00:43:03) […]

204 – The Career Sweetspot Challenge + Setting Boundaries with Greenhouse Coach Rebecca Lee

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth

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Steve is joined by corporate executive turned entrepreneur Rasheeda Creighton for a fun chat about corporate detox, entrepreneurship, and navigating big career pivots. What can happen if you take a pause, gain a little clarity, and reclaim your time? Show Notes Timestamps: (00:00:00) Filler Words (00:03:55) Coaching Shout Out (00:04:49) Personality Assessment: Insights Discovery (00:08:59) […]

203 – Filler Words, Gen Z Living Wage + Corporate Detox with Rasheeda Creighton

Career Transition, Entrepreneurship, Podcast

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Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

This week, Steve and Sundie explore the fundamental question: Is starting a business right for you? If you’ve had that lingering thought for awhile now, you should probably pay attention to it. Give yourself permission to pursue that entrepreneurial path, but be realistic about it too. Not everyone needs to fit the Steve Jobs mold […]

202 – Confidence, Extroverted Thinkers + Is Starting a Business Right For You?

Entrepreneurship, Podcast

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Steve and Sundie chat with Jeff Apfel about his unconventional career journey, from studying law to ultimately founding Office Intelligence. Like many, he discovered that success in the real world goes beyond what’s taught in traditional education, and he’s now using his decades of experience to empower people with practical skills and the right mindset […]

196 – Salary Jumps, Timelines + Jeff Apfel Talks Office Intelligence

Career Transition, Entrepreneurship, Podcast

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Weekly planning to avoid burnout.

On this week’s episode, Steve interviews Kristi Skutvik, founder of Skutvik Consulting, a Southern California-based HR consulting company. From her unexpected shift from accounting to global studies, to finding her knack for building relationships and talking to people, Kristi navigated a winding path through corporate recruiting and HR to eventually starting her own business. She’s […]

193 – Leadership Retreats, Communication Styles, and Kristi Skutvik Talks Company Culture + Moments That Matter

Career Transition, Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Podcast

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In this episode we explore practical strategies for streamlining administrative work and tasks as a business leader or solopreneur. Many of us know the frustrations of forgetting tasks or constantly feeling behind, and these common problems can hinder productivity and prevent you from focusing on key aspects of your business. Through this episode, we share […]

181 – Streamlining Administrative Work: Making Time for What Matters Most

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Podcast, Productivity

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