196 – Salary Jumps, Timelines + Jeff Apfel Talks Office Intelligence



Steve Perkins

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Steve and Sundie chat with Jeff Apfel about his unconventional career journey, from studying law to ultimately founding Office Intelligence. Like many, he discovered that success in the real world goes beyond what’s taught in traditional education, and he’s now using his decades of experience to empower people with practical skills and the right mindset for a fulfilling career.

Show Notes


(00:00:00) Focused Coaching Topics To Fix Specific Pain Points

(00:04:40) Coaching Shoutout

(00:05:59) Personality Gripe

(00:08:40) Intro to Jeff Apfel, Founder of Office Intelligence

(00:25:40) Graduating School…But With What Knowledge?

(00:37:18) Challenges of Entrepreneurship


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