202 – Confidence, Extroverted Thinkers + Is Starting a Business Right For You?



Steve Perkins

Entrepreneurship, Podcast

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This week, Steve and Sundie explore the fundamental question: Is starting a business right for you? If you’ve had that lingering thought for awhile now, you should probably pay attention to it. Give yourself permission to pursue that entrepreneurial path, but be realistic about it too. Not everyone needs to fit the Steve Jobs mold to start a business – you just need to know what you want to do and take the steps to make it happen.

Show Notes


(00:00:00) Hand Movements + Public Speaking

(00:04:48) Coaching Shout Out

(00:07:02) Personality Gripe: Extroverted Thinkers

(00:09:30) Is Starting a Business Right For You?

(00:27:26) Things to Consider Before You Launch


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