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Dana Lin with Greenhouse Coaching

Ever heard of the phrase “You can have it all”? Do they know what it takes to ‘have it all’?? The career, the home, the kids, the cooking, the cleaning, the color-coded calendar! Having it all doesn’t seem like much of an achievement when at the end of the day, you’re too burned out to even enjoy all that you have worked for.

Greenhouse Coach Dana Lin is on the podcast today to talk about a few simple tools and techniques you can use to make space, and why it’s so important to have those boundaries and stress prevention strategies.

Show Notes


(00:00:57) Coaching Shoutout

(00:2:15) Gen Z and a Living Wage

(00:03:00) Why Did Coach Dana Start Coaching on Burnout?

(00:14:26) What Do You Do When You Recognize the Signs of Burnout?

(00:24:21) Where Can You Give Yourself a Break?


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