Dana Lin with Greenhouse Coaching

Ever heard of the phrase “You can have it all”? Do they know what it takes to ‘have it all’?? The career, the home, the kids, the cooking, the cleaning, the color-coded calendar! Having it all doesn’t seem like much of an achievement when at the end of the day, you’re too burned out to even […]

201 – Burnout + What To Do About It with Greenhouse Coach Dana Lin

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Career Coaching Richmond VA Two people talking

With 20+ years of coaching, study, and our own experience, we’ve learned how to help people step into greater career and life fulfillment.  Most approaches fizzle out and come Monday it’s back to old habits, but the Greenhouse Method pairs proven tools with high-quality professional coaching to create change that sticks. About Greenhouse Coaching Headquartered […]

Career Coaching Richmond Virginia

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Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (07:55) A Greenhouse client win. (11:00) Why is it so important that our life and our career align? (18:40) Stop to figure out what your values are. (28:40) Ask yourself some questions. (36:22) The bottom line: what is making you ask yourself this question? Show Links: + Check out our other tools and coaching offers.

162 – Does your career support the life you want to live?

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Dana Lin and Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (7:37) First off- a few reasons why you may not be ready (and that’s okay!) (11:38) You feel stuck. (13:58) You have no idea what you want to be ‘when you grow up’. (16:50) You’re consistently dreading Mondays. (20:08) You’re burned out and/or think it’s too late to make a change. (22:36) You need structure […]

159 – 5 Reasons to hire a career coach.

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When it comes to career-purpose, there are 3 camps: Empty Pursuit Instagram Perfect Career Sweetspot Let’s break down what each of these are. Camp #1: Empty Pursuit If you’re in this camp, you’re probably thinking or feeling something along the lines of: “Career-purpose is a bunch of BS. You just need to put your head […]

The 3 camps of career purpose

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Career coaching is becoming increasingly popular, as more people find themselves in a new world of work where things are more ambiguous and harder to navigate alone. Job expectations are less defined than in the past, change is more frequent, and opportunity for career fulfillment has increased. Many people are turning to career coaching as […]

15 Signs you’re ready to hire a career coach (and 3 signs you’re not)

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