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With 20+ years of coaching, study, and our own experience, we’ve learned how to help people step into greater career and life fulfillment. 

Most approaches fizzle out and come Monday it’s back to old habits, but the Greenhouse Method pairs proven tools with high-quality professional coaching to create change that sticks.

About Greenhouse Coaching

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Greenhouse Coaching specializes in removing the overwhelm of career coaching and career change, guiding you to the next step in your life transition.

And look, we know growth can be daunting – we’re here to help you figure out where to start. So instead of being stuck months from now, you can feel energized and on the right path, utilizing your unique gifts and abilities to the fullest.

Our approach works because it’s like a greenhouse. Not about trying harder or forcing a result, but instead, creating the right conditions to thrive and reach your true potential.

Career Coaching Richmond VA Two people talking

Why Choose Greenhouse Coaching and the Greenhouse Method?

  • Not sure where to start? Our career coaching services get you out of the procrastination mindset, holding you accountable and guiding you to the next step.
  • Feeling lost? We offer clear, actionable career guidance on the best path forward, turning your visions into reality.
  • Battling imposter syndrome? Gain confidence and own your unique abilities with our professional life coaching and mindset coaching.
  • Unhappy at work? Transform your Mondays and look forward to doing work you actually enjoy.
  • Overwhelmed and scattered? Find focus and move forward with clear visions, goals, and weekly rhythms.

Let us help you build a life and career that you truly love!

Want to learn more? Let’s chat about how we can help.

Career Coaching Richmond VA Two people talking

About the Author

Steve Perkins is familiar with the feeling of untapped potential. He spent 12 years searching for his career calling while building superconducting particle accelerators and launching a culture transformation within a Fortune 500 company, yet he always had the nagging feeling he wasn’t making his full impact.

Born out of his own experience that people often sense new levels of growth waiting for them – in life or career – but lack the clarity or confidence to obtain them, Steve earned his certification as an Executive Leadership and Career Coach and founded Greenhouse in 2017. As a coach, he brings a unique value based on diverse experiences across 14 industries and 17 different role types, including extensive knowledge in career transition coaching, leadership growth, corporate culture, Agile and design thinking, work methodologies, and human behavior. Steve’s experience allows him to relate to almost any situation as well as balance the “coaching mind” and “business mind” that are too frequently compartmentalized. A seasoned podcast host, TEDx facilitator, and keynote speaker, Steve energizes a room with his inspirational messaging and authentic, engaging personality.

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