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What does doing what you love even mean?

I am a very optimistic person but this statement not only overwhelms me, but also exhausts me at times.  What does it mean?  Do I do what I love all day?  Do I quit what I don’t love?  Is it an all or nothing thing?

Here’s an example: I love speaking and storytelling, but I don’t love the preparation, travel and nerves that come with it. Does that mean I don’t really love it?

Another example: I love coaching clients and helping them reach their goals.  However, I don’t love when I have too many clients scheduled back to back, and not enough time to breathe in between their sessions.  Does this mean I should quit coaching?

The answer to both these examples, (in my perspective) is no. There will always be something we don’t love about what we do!

Instead, the question I would ask myself is: What can I do about the parts that I don’t love?

In the first scenario, I can be sure I’m not traveling too much by balancing when needed with virtual presentations. I can also focus my nerves in the right place and remember they are there to make me the best I can be. I can also manage my calendar in advance so that I have plenty of time for preparation.

In scenario number two, I can set boundaries, and remember my limits. Talking a walk and having space between clients keeps me fresh and focused.

Sometimes, doing what we love is doing one less thing we don’t love to make space for what we do.

My advice to you is simple: take the time to be intentional about what skills are burning you out and what skills give you life. Take note of what skills you want to learn and what skills do you no longer want to do. Notice what comes up for you as you’re reflecting.

This small step of reflection and noticing (even in our current jobs) can bring back the “love what we do” again in our day.

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