Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

Ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve got to give a talk, whether it’s a planned presentation or an impromptu meeting pitch? Prepping for it can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Sundie shares her own talk prep formula that centers on one simple trick: work backward. Show Notes Timestamps: (00:00:00) Tanning […]

194 – Tanning Beds, Interrupting + How to Prep for a Talk

Leadership, Personal Growth, Podcast

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Weekly planning to avoid burnout.

On this week’s episode, Steve interviews Kristi Skutvik, founder of Skutvik Consulting, a Southern California-based HR consulting company. From her unexpected shift from accounting to global studies, to finding her knack for building relationships and talking to people, Kristi navigated a winding path through corporate recruiting and HR to eventually starting her own business. She’s […]

193 – Leadership Retreats, Communication Styles, and Kristi Skutvik Talks Company Culture + Moments That Matter

Career Transition, Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Podcast

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Tracey Baumwell with Greenhouse Coaching

Have you ever felt lost in your career journey, transitioning from that set, guided school path to owning your own direction and figuring out what it is you are truly meant to do? Here to tell her own career transition story, we feature insights from Greenhouse’s own leadership development coach, Tracey Baumwell, who shares her […]

192 – Lazy Workers, Tipping for Takeout + Greenhouse Coach Tracey Baumwell Talks Career Path + NPR Tiny Desk

Career Transition, Personal Growth, Podcast

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Steve Perkins hosting the Career Sweetspot Podcast

Have you tried Steve’s calendar blocking method from Episode #186? Even if you have, it’s probably pretty tough to get yourself to stick to them! In this week’s episode, we talk everything from protecting those calendar blocks to Ted Lasso and haircut chats. We’re packing a lot into this one! And to top it all […]

191 – Ted Lasso, Haircut Chats + Entrepreneurship

Career Transition, Personal Growth, Podcast, Productivity

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Joe Wise with Greenhouse Coaching

Ever wondered how a simple sticky note could trigger a whole wave of change? In this week’s episode, Sundie unravels the psychological power behind these little visual reminders and how they nudge us toward a better version of ourselves. Join us as we talk about picking just one thing, jotting it down on that sticky […]

190 – Saying No, Listening Differences + The Sticky Note Mindset Hack

Personal Growth, Podcast

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Jacquelyn Duggan with Greenhouse Coaching

In this episode Steve shares about his new relationship with rest and how it’s feels good and isn’t the result of burnout. He dives into rest AND productivity (and even some corporate deconstruction). Show Notes Timestamps: (00:00:00) Pickleball (00:04:25) Coaching Shoutout (00:05:55) Personality Gripe (00:08:03) Charleston Trip / Needing Rest (00:10:29) What Steve Has Been […]

189 – Pickleball, Saying the Thing, Rest + Sabbaticals

Personal Growth, Podcast

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