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Jacquelyn Duggan with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (6:25) The importance of process + perspective. (9:40) Everyone is an expert in something. (14:40) Past experiences are not wasted time. (18:01) Follow your passions – and how to figure out what your passions are! (23:37) Lose the hypotheticals. (27:40) Reframe those transferable skills. (30:48) Where do you thrive? (39:07) Translate that insight.  […]

158 – Tips for finding a career you love.

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Do you know what you’re good at? Taking inventory of the skills you have is helpful for resume writing, or discussing in an interview. It’s also helpful to know simply for your personal knowledge! Download our *free* Skills Inventory worksheet to help you think critically about the skills you have and how you can apply […]

How to know what you’re good at.

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Dana Lin with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: How do you figure out what’s next? The problem is that there’s endless talk about purpose, passion, potential and not to mention – endless studies of workforce and lifestyle trends. Yet, very little guidance on how to figure it out for yourself. What we’ve found at Greenhouse is that it’s definitely possible to […]

134 – The key to figuring out what’s next.

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