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It’s estimated that an adult makes 35,000 decisions every day. 

Yet … I can’t think of a single place or time where I was taught how to make decisions. It’s actually quite crazy when you think about it! And it’s one of the reasons leadership/life coaching is becoming so popular.

These 35k+ decisions are mostly small and quick, but then there are also the bigger ones.

Decisions that feel consequential. Decisions where we’re concerned about what others will think or how it will affect them.

So how DO you make decisions? How should you approach it all?

One of the best tools I know to help is called Core Values. It’s an exercise in clarifying the things that matter most to you (or to a group/team), so you can use them as a filter to put decisions through.

During a coaching session to figure out his core values, Gabe said something that illustrates the point well – “What if I actually started making decisions based on these!? I think I’d feel very alive… and I’d feel like I was just being me. Very present. I’m 43 and I’m just tired of mucking around.”

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