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Coaching, Courses + Community to help you go from stuck to a life you love, working in your Career Sweetspot.

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The Greenhouse Method Coaching Membership brings together growth-minded generalists, entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders, and inbetweeners…

An intentional community of people going after our ideal jobs, dream businesses and the purpose-filled life we know is possible. 

We offer more than just professional development or self-help

choose a plan

Hear from others doing the same things as you + be in it together.


Short video modules + resources for launching your dream job or business and growing into your potential 


One-on-one and group coaching for structure + accountability


with the greenhouse method coaching membership, you'll receive:

Focused and moving forward with clear vision, goals, and a weekly rhythm

Feeling all over the place

Looking forward to Mondays

Not enjoying work

Owning your unique abilities with confidence

Imposter syndrome

Finally clear on the best path and making it a reality

Don’t know what my options are or what I want to do

We remove the overwhelm so you know the next step

Not sure where to start 

The Greenhouse Method Coaching Membership has everything you need to go from…

Let us help you build the life and work you want, so you can contribute your gifts and abilities.

We believe you can lead your days with purpose, intention and newfound energy!

Are you finally done with feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your work?

Richard D.

I keep thinking, 'Where am I now, and where am I headed?' I've been so involved in my work day-to-day, that I'm not able to view it from an outside perspective. Our coaching sessions give me a 30,000 foot view.

Not just inspiration that’s gone on Monday, but the results that come from being a part of the Membership are tangible and guide you towards greater fulfillment in the every-day. 

but instead, real tangible action steps to guide you toward your next right thing.

More than just reading the next New York Times bestseller,

choose a plan

We'll help you clarify your next steps and offer accountability to help make it happen!

We’ll show you where to start and we'll be with you every step of the way.

Tired of feeling stuck?

I realize now that I have all these skills I didn’t know I had - I just didn’t know how to talk about them! So the ah-ha moment for me was, “Ok, I need to lean into my Career Sweetspot to rebrand myself and learn how to talk about myself."

Lynn S.

Trusted by leading companies

step into what's possible in your life and leadership




Clarify your Career Sweetspot



Clarify your Career Sweetspot

Are you rethinking your career? Maybe you’re not sure what’s next, or what you want to be when you “grow up.” Here’s the truth: it’s possible for you to figure out your unique abilities and translate them into your work. We have a process that will help you figure out what you’re good at, what you’re uniquely wired to do, and how to translate that into a fulfilling career.

Discover Your Career Sweetspot

Making Space is more than just freeing up your calendar or taking time off; here, you’ll learn how to overcome burnout so you can breathe and have the ability to move forward into your purpose and potential. This step is essential if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or unsure where to start.

Make Space



Maybe a pre-existing job isn’t the right fit for you. Maybe starting a business, or growing an existing business you have is the best place to start. Here, we’ll teach you the eight essential components of growing your business so you can build a career with greater freedom of choice, flexibility to live life the way you envision, and spend the best hours of your day at the center of your purpose.

Build Your Dream Business

Know what you’re looking for in your career, but unsure how to get there? We’ll help you find your next job with speed and confidence. Learn the six key, actionable tools to get unstuck in your job search, and take the next step forward in your career.

Land Your Ideal Job


step into what's possible in your life and leadership

Live more fully and do the work you were uniquely wired to do. Here we’ll teach you the skills and tools you need to hone in your leadership skills, while helping others live into their potential too.

Coaching topics include: Mindset + Habits, Core Values, Ideal Calendar, Prioritization, Personal Brand, Interview Prep, Offer Negotiation, Getting Your First Client, and more!

Grow as a Leader + Help Others

Ready to live more intentionally and accomplish your goals? Our simple planning system takes the constant thinking out of it all, so you know what to do. Ditch all the complex productivity hacks and use our simple rhythms to stay focused on what matters most.

Craft Your Vision, Goals + Weekly Rhythm

Our unique coaching process for discovering and growing in your Career Sweetspot.


choose a plan

Not only will you find clarity and step into what's next, but you'll also tap into more of what you're capable of!

see your goals become reality

Just compare the cost of staying stuck to the feeling of being in your sweet spot with greater income potential.

get a clear payoff from your investment

This whole “figure out my life and career” isn’t easy, but we'll help you get there sooner.

find the work you love within a year

We boil down the ocean for you: cutting out the overwhelm with over 20+ years of coaching experience.

Know exactly what steps to take

the greenhouse method guarantee

Instead of still being stuck a year from now, wasting your gifts and abilities, you could be moving forward with clarity and doing what you’re meant to do.

Join the Coaching Membership today and step into your Career Sweetspot within the next year

The community that you get from the membership is much more helpful than you realize. Job searching can feel very lonely and having those sessions benefited my mental health and overall morale in the process.

Ryan R.

limited programs with high price tags

steps that aren't on a clear path

just one small piece of the puzzle

people who just claim to be coaches

procrastinating on your own

weird, fake, and not-for-you


with you as long as you need

clear path to figuring out what's next

roadmap your life + career

top-quality trained professional coaches

conversations with real people

authentic + energizing

other coaching out there


The Greenhouse Method

We believe life ought to be fully lived, and everyone has unique abilities to offer.

Stop drifting and start living. We believe it’s possible for you to step into your Career Sweetspot and have work that facilitates the life you want to have: something that utilizes your strengths, passions and your personality to do the work you’re called to do. 

You just need a process with coaching and community.

The way we are invited to contribute our gifts to the world is changing, and Greenhouse Coaching is leading the way. You are worth investing in, and we’re here to help see you through to what’s next. You don’t have to continue going through the motions. We believe it’s possible for you to get clarity and confidence to take the next right step.

Meet the coaches

Membership coaching sessions take place virtually and are 45-minutes long. You may choose to schedule them monthly or bi-weekly, depending on your Membership level. Come as you are to these sessions, though a notebook, a topic to work on, and an open mind are encouraged. 


Your membership includes

find your career sweetspot

Step-by-step short video modules and downloadable resources you can watch on your own time! Our courses work through any of the steps of the Greenhouse Method: 


When you understand what you're good at and what you love to do, figuring out the next steps in your career becomes much clearer. The Career Sweetspot process sidesteps hypothetical wondering and helps you define your WHAT, WHERE, & WHY from what you played as a kid, then guides you to translate that awareness into your next career move.

In this course, you will...

• See yourself with fresh perspective, apart from the past roles and labels that defined you

• Find out what you're uniquely meant to do, by clarifying the intersection of your strengths, passions, and personality

• Finally uncover the answer to what you want to be when you grow up, and walk away with a written career-purpose statement!

• Learn the simple steps to translate your sweet spot into a career that fits you and brings greater fulfillment


If you feel like the job search is lonely, overwhelming, and a constant churn without results, this course is for you!

In this course, you will walk away with the 6 key tools to make your job search a success, including:

• Simple Personal Brand Statement
• Resume Essentials & Non-Essentials
• LinkedIn Stand-Out Tips
• Curious Conversations
• Transferable Skills & Re-Skilling
• Interview Wins and Mistakes


Whether you're thinking about starting a creative or people-helping business or in the process of building it, you know it's lonely and filled with many questions and to-do's. 

We've been there and understand the need for guidance and conversation!

This course is your complete toolkit to clarify exactly what your business is, land your first paying client, and grow your income sustainably with confidence and repeatable systems.

• Creating Your Gameplan
• How to Focus on What Matters Most
• How to Explain What You Do
• Offers, Pricing, and Product-Path
• Creating New Clients & Onboarding them Well
• Money Matters
• Content & Marketing Funnel
• Staffing & People-Development

Craft Your Life Vision

Where do you want to be? What do you want your life and work to look like?

It’s hard to get where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going, and even harder to set clear goals and priorities without a clear overarching direction. Not to mention confidence, pulling through doubt and discouragement, and leading well without a clear vision for the future.

Vision paints a mental picture of what you want life and work to look like, so you can set goals with ease and make decisions with confidence. Vision informs goals and intentions, which lead to specific weekly planning priorities (the next steps in the Greenhouse Method). And in this course you’ll do exactly that in 30 minutes, using the hot-pen method!


This course is all about setting meaningful goals and intentions to move toward your vision and what’s next. Using the 7 life categories, you'll walk through a simple process to get it on paper.

The reality is, most people aren’t sure where to start with goals, or it’s just hard to stick to them over time. Good news is, there really is a simple solution: set goals from your vision. Your vision informs your goals, and your goals make a weekly planning rhythm quick and clear!

Weekly Planning Rhythm

Here’s the reality: you want to stay focused on what matters most, but with urgent and important to-do’s constantly popping up, it can be really hard to go at it all alone. 

How do you stay organized when there’s so much happening?

The practical solution is to have a system that takes the guesswork out. A rhythm that isn’t subject to the emotional and situational ups and downs. And something that moves you toward your goals and life vision.

This course guarantees that you’ll walk away with a game-plan as you head into the week, and peace of mind that you’re working towards what really matters in your life.


Learn the skills and tools you need to hone in on your leadership potential.

• 5 Tips for Difficult Conversations
• A Formula for Advancement
• Tips for Leading Successful One-on-One's
• A Simple Guide to Prioritization
• How to Avoid Meeting Fatigue in a Virtual Environment
• Effective Delegation
• Communication Confusion
• Leading Better Through Listening
• Listening Questions
• Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Self Doubt
• Why Core Values Matter
• Identify Your Core Values
• Sample One-on-One's Tracker Sheet for Managers
• Shifting From Performer to Leader
• Simple Personal Brand Statement
• Team Norms
• Career Advancement
• Where to Start With One-on-One's


Learn the skills and tools you need to hone in on in your day-to-day work.

• Why Core Values Matter
• Identify Your Core Values
• How to Avoid Meeting Fatigue in a Virtual Environment
• Communication Confusion
• 5 Tips for Difficult Conversations
• A Simple Guide to Prioritization
• Listening Skills for the Workplace
• Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Self Doubt
• Listening Questions
• Simple Personal Brand Statement
• Team Norms
• Career Advancement
• Tips for Successful One-on-One's

It’s overwhelming to go at this whole life and career thing alone! We believe it’s better together. 

Each month you’ll have access to thoughtful dialogue in the community newsfeed and the ability to send direct messages to each other and the Greenhouse Coaches. Our community isn’t just another social media platform, but rather a safe place to have real conversations with people doing the same things as you.



Who is the Coaching Membership for?

How is Greenhouse’s coaching method different from other companies?

We pride ourselves on being authentic and energizing - other coaching out there can often feel fake and generic. We prioritize providing real, top-quality trained professional coaches.

Additionally, our coaches are trained to help you pursue your next step holistically: we provide a roadmap for your life and career, versus handing you one small piece of the puzzle. We’ve spent over ten years perfecting our process that will give you a clear path to figuring out what’s next, making a transition, and growing into your next role with new productivity and leadership skills. The best part? We’re with you as long as you need, without the high price-tag of limited programs.

What are the tangible outputs?

  • Clarifying your Career Sweetspot:  You'll have a written Purpose Statement that clarifies what you want to do next in your career, and a simple plan for how to find what's next.

  • Landing your Ideal Job:  You'll have a written Personal Brand Statement to help you talk about yourself in conversations and interviews, as well as the confidence and preparation (resume, LinkedIn, interview prep, etc) to find and land your next job.

  • Building your Dream Business:  You'll clarify what your business is and land your first paying client (or grow your revenue if you already have a business), with a clear vision for where you're headed.

  • Crafting your Life Vision, Goals, and Rhythms:  You'll have a clear written vision for what you want life and work to look like, as well as goals and a weekly planning system to stay focused on the important stuff and move toward your vision.

  • Leadership + Productivity Growth:  You'll have practical guides and personal next steps for Calendar blocking, managing your time/energy better, how to have difficult conversations, developing leadership skills and managing your people.

  • Other Coaching Goals:  People come to coaching with many different goals - here is a list of common topics:

  •  Mindset & Habits
  • Clarity & Confidence
  • Overwhelm & Burnout
  • Communication fundamentals
  • Effective Listening
  • Core Values
  • Forgiveness
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Prioritization
  • Ideal Calendar

  • Goal-setting
  • Meeting Prep
  • Difficult Conversation Prep
  • Leading better 1-on-1's
  • Shifting from doer to leader
  • Effective delegation
  • Developing your team
  • Team Norms & Workflow
  • Influence & Judgment

Do I get to talk to a coach with the Coaching Membership?

How do I know which level of the membership is for me?

If you’re looking for structure and accountability, Personal Coaching is the best level for you - it's an investment we've never had someone regret at Greenhouse. Not only will you get unstuck sooner, but you'll likely increase your income which pays for the cost of coaching anyway!

A coach is a thought-partner who is skilled at helping you find clarity and take the right steps to get to your goals. Since it's on your calendar, it's one of the best ways to overcome your own busyness and procrastination and make things happen.

If you'd rather work at your own pace or you're on a tight budget, the DIY option is great because you have access to all the steps/resources, as well as community and monthly meetups to be energized and keep moving forward.

If you're not sure which level to do, join today to take the short assessment and debrief with one of the Membership Coaches, who will help you make the best decision and show you where to start.

Can I upgrade/downgrade?

Yes! We make it easy for you to upgrade or downgrade your Membership anytime. Just two simple clicks and you’re on your way!

Can I cancel any time? How does it work?

Yes! You have the ability to cancel your Membership anytime. We make it easy for you to make updates to your Membership by simply accessing your Membership profile - just two simple clicks and you’re on your way. Your Membership level is billed to your saved form of payment each month, and you can make changes to your credit card and billing information anytime you need.

Where do I start? What does the first month look like?

When you join the Membership, you'll take a short assessment, so we can show you where to start. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you even have the option to jump on a call and debrief with a coach. Click here to see how it works!

Each week, you’ll take simple action steps and have coaching conversations to make tangible progress toward your goals. Even after a few weeks, you’ll begin to experience clarity and a fresh and energizing perspective. It takes work, for sure – but our Members never regret stepping into the process because when they finally realize their unique value + what they are meant to do: and begin making it happen.

How much time should I expect to spend?

We recommend spending a dedicated hour each week to make progress, whether that's your scheduled coaching sessions, or watching a course video and taking the action step.

What if I get behind?

We believe there's no such thing as "I'm behind"! We make it easy for you to jump back in anytime. Life happens and we get that - but don’t let it keep you from making progress. People often think falling behind is a problem, but that's why coaching exists!

What are the courses like? How long are the modules?

Our course modules are short, practical, and energizing! Led by our Membership Coaches, most modules are between 5 and 15 minutes and have a downloadable resource to go with it.

What is coaching & how does it work?

The problem for most of us is actually doing that thing we know we should do. And this is where great coaching can help overcome the impossible inertia of bad habits. A great coach helps pull you over the hump: you need someone outside of you to help you take the next right step.

Membership Coaching sessions take place virtually, and are 45-minutes long. You can choose to schedule them monthly or bi-weekly, depending on your Membership level. Come as you are to these sessions, though a notebook, a topic to work from and an open mind are encouraged. We’re here for you as long as you need! You can adjust your Membership level anytime.

What is group coaching like?

Group Coaching sessions take place virtually, and are 60-minutes long. Facilitated by a Membership Coach, Group Coaching sessions are scheduled weekly with a small group (<25) of Members. Come as you are to these sessions, though a notebook, questions for the group and an open mind are encouraged! We’re here for you as long as you need! You can adjust your Membership level anytime.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

Talk to one of our Membership Coaches! 

Connect with us here.

I don't like joining a membership and then not utilizing it…

That's why we have a Welcome Checklist that makes it really easy to get started, a community of peers to stay motivated, and the option for one-on-one coaching. All these things get steps onto your calendar so you don't just sit around not using what you're paying for.

I’ve already done lots of thinking, reading, etc…

That's typical for many of our members, but the reality is that you're still stuck or wanting more, and that's why coaching is the perfect remedy. You've basically done the pre-work, and now it's time to launch into what's possible for your life. We help you put the puzzle pieces together and translate the insights you’ve learned into action.

I’m not sure I even have unique strengths or passions. Is it possible to figure this out?

We believe everyone is uniquely wired and you are no exception! You just need a process to help you figure out your strengths and passions, and how it translates into your career.

I’m questioning if I should even make a change…

That’s fair! And we encourage you to question it. This Membership was created from our team’s personal struggle with the same thing you're experiencing. Everyone asks what you want to do and tells you to pursue your passions, but no one seems to have the practical steps to take, so it makes it confusing to try to decide what *you* want. This membership fills in the gap by coming through the side-door of your past experiences instead of leaving you to hypothetically ponder your next steps. 

Some people want to change companies or industries, some people just want a new role at the same place, some want to start their own thing... You can take what you’ve learned, then pitch it internally to find or create a better job fit. All jobs are malleable, so there might be opportunities for you that you don't even see! It will take initiation on your part, which is much easier with the support of the Membership.

I’ve started job-searching but…

It’s hard enough to go through the job search process, and why do it alone? You need a process, accountability and a plan to get through the job search with ease and confidence. Let's help you get there faster with our Coaching Membership and Course which outlines the 6 Key Tools you’ll need to land your next job. Build a career with greater freedom of choice, flexibility to live life the way you envision, and spend the best hours of your day in the center of your purpose.

I’m thinking about starting a business, actively launching it, or already have a business…

Building a business can be daunting and overwhelming. You probably have a lot of questions like, “What exactly is my business? Where to start? How do I structure everything?” Let us help you figure it out with our Coaching Membership and Course which walks through the 8 essential components to starting a coaching, consulting, or creative business, and getting it growing in the right direction. Build a career with greater freedom of choice, flexibility to live life the way you envision, and spend the best hours of your day in the center of your purpose.

I’ve tried productivity systems before, but it’s too much to keep up with…

We’ve been there too! That’s exactly why we built this Coaching Membership: our process is simple, and allows you to come as you are. We’ve boiled down the ocean for you and only includes the essentials: a weekly planning rhythm to stay focused on priorities, along with a simple system that has you waking up each morning knowing exactly what matters.

I want to do this, but money is tight right now … 

Feeling hesitant? Is the cost of coaching your hangup? It might be a real barrier for you at the moment, but it’s also likely the thing that will get you to a better place financially, so get creative.

Here are some ideas:

  • Ask yourself: is the result worth the investment? Coaching is a sure way to make your goals happen.
  • So, how does the cost compare to the income that you'll gain as a result? Or are there certain expenses you can cut out for a few months to make progress on the big things that matter right now?

Goals are hard by yourself. There's a planner system I've tried for the last 5 years, but it's hard to sit down and complete things by myself. Greenhouse has the community and coaching element, so I've already made more progress in a few months than I did the last 5 years.

Katie M.

The Career Sweetspot coaching blew my mind! I had no idea that what I played as a kid would influence what I’m passionate about as an adult.

Andrew M.

Joining the Greenhouse community was a game changer during my job search, especially as a recent graduate. [The Coaches] are incredibly knowledgeable and always provide practical advice. I could not have landed my dream job without them!

Paula P.

how it works

Based on your debrief, you'll dive into the right course from the Greenhouse Method &/or start your coaching sessions. The best thing is, we can help in all stages of career transition + growth. If taking action is your stuck point, we'll get the steps on your calendar so you can get unstuck and start moving forward!

Start Course or Coaching

Hop on a 15 minute call to go over your assessment. We will show you where to start + what to focus on in the membership to get where you want to go. If you're unsure about 1:1 coaching, we'll help you make the best decision for your situation. And if you'd rather skip the debrief, no problem - there's a Welcome Checklist to get you started on your own!


It's easy - when you join, you’ll immediately have access to everything and you'll answer 5 short questions about where you're at and what you want to accomplish. If you join the coaching level, you'll also hear from our Community Coordinator to pair you with a coach and get your sessions scheduled!

Join + Take Short Assessment


Community: Access to our private app for discussion and resources

Courses: short videos for each step of the Greenhouse Method

Coaching:  1:1 with a Greenhouse Coach once or twice a month


Let's chat to create a plan that works best for you and your unique needs.




Community:  Access to our private app for discussion and resources

Courses:  short videos for each step of the Greenhouse Method



custom package

Coaching is where it's at, because you have structure and accountability to get where you're going. Your investment will definitely pay off, and we can promise results with coaching. Or, if you'd rather go at your own pace, choose the DIY plan.

choose your plan

book session

Purchase a 1-off session to talk directly with one of our coaches.



starting at

take the quiz

Take our FRee quiz to find your next step in the Greenhouse Method

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