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Join us in this final episode of the Gen Z episode series as Sundie shares valuable tips for leaders on how to connect with their Gen Z team members, learn from their experiences, and provide the support they need. We’ll explore the dos and don’ts of fostering meaningful working relationships with Gen Z and empower […]

184 – Cracking the Code: The 3 C’s of Relating to Gen Z (Part 3)

Leadership, Podcast

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The topic of structuring roles is often brought up, but most times the “role” discussion is actually about identity and priorities. People want to know their unique value on the team, and what they’re supposed to be working on. In this episode we discuss common issues with the role conversation, tips for people leaders, and […]

183 – Role Definition Reloaded: Empowering Teams for Succes

Leadership, Podcast

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In today’s episode, Sundie delves deeper into her series on Gen Z in the workplace. Every generation brings its own unique set of adjustments to the workplace, and today we’ll explore what makes Gen Z such a valuable addition to any team. In a constantly evolving world, each generation comes with a fresh perspective, and […]

182 – Gen Z (Part 2): What Do They Bring to the Table?

Leadership, Podcast

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In this episode we explore practical strategies for streamlining administrative work and tasks as a business leader or solopreneur. Many of us know the frustrations of forgetting tasks or constantly feeling behind, and these common problems can hinder productivity and prevent you from focusing on key aspects of your business. Through this episode, we share […]

181 – Streamlining Administrative Work: Making Time for What Matters Most

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Podcast, Productivity

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Show Notes: (9:22) People always tell you to just ‘be confident!’ – but what does that mean? (14:28) Remember (and rock!) your areas of expertise. (19:08) Try on a new skill – and see what happens over time. Show Notes + Download our *free* Career Transition Planner. + Check out our tools and coaching offers.

180 – The Confidence Code: How to Speak Up, Stand Out, and Succeed

Leadership, Personal Growth, Podcast

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Dana Lin with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (10:18) You can’t just start a business – you also have to sell the product or service. (15:41) Be upfront about your intentions. (20:44) Use an invitational tone. (25:30) Lean into natural curiosity and relational conversation. (33:00) Share your own struggles. Show Notes + Download our *free* Career Transition Planner. + Check out […]

179 – The Power of Authenticity: Overcoming the Fear of Sounding ‘Sales-y’

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Podcast

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