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Sometimes, doing what we love is doing one less thing we don’t love to make space for what we do.

Thoughts on doing what you love.

Career Transition, Personal Growth

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It’s officially summertime here in the US, which might mean you’re turning down the volume on all things personal + professional growth and productivity. But, what if you had something small to focus on? To keep your momentum going and help you decide where you need to focus next? Maybe by the pool or with […]

*Free* productivity resources for the summer!

Personal Growth, Productivity

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Do you know what you’re good at? Taking inventory of the skills you have is helpful for resume writing, or discussing in an interview. It’s also helpful to know simply for your personal knowledge! Download our *free* Skills Inventory worksheet to help you think critically about the skills you have and how you can apply […]

How to know what you’re good at.

Career Sweetspot, Personal Growth

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Many job seekers tell me that their number one struggle is inner confidence. How do you overcome insecurity? Well, I have a few thoughts: First, there is usually a reason why you don’t have a job.  Now, let me clear … I’m not saying the reason you’re out of job is always related to performance, […]

Has your confidence been kicked?

Career Development, Personal Growth

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oday on the podcast, Steve breaks down 3 tips for leaders to effectively delegate to their people. If you’re a leader, or want to grow into your leadership, this is the episode for you.

Why delegate? 3 Tips for people-leaders.

Career Development, Leadership, Podcast

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On this week’s episode, Steve takes a deep dive into problems in current workplace culture and expectations. Together with Sundie he leads a discussion on what leaders can do to lean into this season, and how they can better lead their people. Listen in!

“The Great Resignation” explained.

Career Transition, Leadership, Podcast

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