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Dana Lin and Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (7:37) First off- a few reasons why you may not be ready (and that’s okay!) (11:38) You feel stuck. (13:58) You have no idea what you want to be ‘when you grow up’. (16:50) You’re consistently dreading Mondays. (20:08) You’re burned out and/or think it’s too late to make a change. (22:36) You need structure […]

159 – 5 Reasons to hire a career coach.

Career Development, Coaching, Podcast

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Because you’re an intentional person, you’ve probably begun thinking about taking some time to reflect on 2022. Notice the key word there? Thinking. What if this year, you took the time to actually reflect on your year? Not some huge, drawn out, time- consuming reflective process, but instead, just 15-minutes with yourself, a notebook and […]

3 Questions to help you reflect on 2022

Personal Growth

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Jacquelyn Duggan with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (6:25) The importance of process + perspective. (9:40) Everyone is an expert in something. (14:40) Past experiences are not wasted time. (18:01) Follow your passions – and how to figure out what your passions are! (23:37) Lose the hypotheticals. (27:40) Reframe those transferable skills. (30:48) Where do you thrive? (39:07) Translate that insight.  […]

158 – Tips for finding a career you love.

Career Sweetspot, Career Transition, Podcast

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I don’t like little tips, hacks and add-ons. They tend to clutter our lives and don’t really change anything in a lasting way. I like to think it’s the main things that make a big difference. That’s why I live by the Weekly Planning Rhythm, outlined in the Greenhouse Method Coaching Membership. But sometimes you […]

How to deal with the little distractions.


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Steve Perkins and Sundie Marquardt with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (6:10) Anxiety – a common barrier! (8:00) Know whether you are an introvert or extrovert. (11:27) Identify what holds you back. (11:58) Set small goals for yourself. (16:30) Learn how to word that initial email. (19:38) Create a ‘soft agenda’ for your meeting. (26:18) Respect their time. (27:40) Ask for referrals. (29:30) Be […]

157 – 3 Tips to help you network better.

Career Development, Career Transition, Leadership, Personal Growth, Podcast

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Steve Perkins working with the Greenhouse Team.

There are over 6 million new businesses started each year in the US, according to the Small Business Administration. And even before the 2020 surge of new business startups, small businesses made up 99.9% of businesses in the country. Part of the motivation for many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in starting a business is the desire […]

5 Tips to Transition from Your Day Job to Starting a Business You Love

Career Transition, Entrepreneurship

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