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Steve Perkins working with the Greenhouse Team.

There are over 6 million new businesses started each year in the US, according to the Small Business Administration. And even before the 2020 surge of new business startups, small businesses made up 99.9% of businesses in the country. Part of the motivation for many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in starting a business is the desire […]

5 Tips to Transition from Your Day Job to Starting a Business You Love

Career Transition, Entrepreneurship

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Sundie Marquardt + Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (4:45) #1 – Empty pursuit. (12:52) #2- Instagram perfect. (18:40) The ‘moderate middle’. (19:20) #3- Career Sweetspot. Show Links: + Special Black Friday deal on our Membership, this week only! Find everything you need to know here. + Rather watch this episode? Subscribe to our YouTube channel. + Take our free, “What’s Next?” quiz. + Follow us on Instagram.

156 – The 3 camps of career purpose.

Career Transition, Podcast

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When it comes to career-purpose, there are 3 camps: Empty Pursuit Instagram Perfect Career Sweetspot Let’s break down what each of these are. Camp #1: Empty Pursuit If you’re in this camp, you’re probably thinking or feeling something along the lines of: “Career-purpose is a bunch of BS. You just need to put your head […]

The 3 camps of career purpose

Career Development, Coaching

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Feedback is often the simple glue that’s missing in an organization. Feedback… Helps us get better at what we do Improves our product Resolves issues before they become big Dissolves tensions that undermine performance & working relationships Helps us grow into our full potential Yet, more often than not, feedback is never exchanged because we’re […]

3 Ways to Give Feedback


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The simple glue that is often missing in an organization? Feedback! But more often than not, feedback is never exchanged because we don’t know how to go about giving it the right way. Or sometimes it is exchanged but causes damage because of the way it was communicated. If we want to get better as team […]

152 – How to give better feedback.


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Small businesses make up over 99.9% of businesses in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration.  For many of these entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in service-based businesses, the driving motivation is to help people and make a positive impact while doing what they love and creating a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility.  The problem […]

The 3 keys to getting more clients and building a service-based business


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