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Steve Perkins hosting the Career Sweetspot Podcast

Have you tried Steve’s calendar blocking method from Episode #186? Even if you have, it’s probably pretty tough to get yourself to stick to them! In this week’s episode, we talk everything from protecting those calendar blocks to Ted Lasso and haircut chats. We’re packing a lot into this one! And to top it all […]

191 – Ted Lasso, Haircut Chats + Entrepreneurship

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Sundie Marquardt with Greenhouse Coaching

In this inspiring guest episode, Steve Perkins sits down with Fay Manolios, a former high-powered HR executive who made a life-changing decision to step back and reclaim her time. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own career journey, or simply curious about the transformative power of bold decisions, Fay’s story will motivate you to take […]

187 – Reclaiming Time: a Career Transition Interview with Fay Manolios

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Tracey Baumwell with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: (06:26) The clues are rooted in your childhood games. (11:59) Three reasons why so many people want to make a change. (22:55) The rise of the gig economy. (30:01) Purpose is important again. Show Links: + Check out our *free ‘What You Played as a Kid’ guide + Download our *free* Career Transition […]

175 – Career Clarity: Figuring Out What You Want to be When You ‘Grow Up’

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Steve Perkins working with the Greenhouse Team.

There are over 6 million new businesses started each year in the US, according to the Small Business Administration. And even before the 2020 surge of new business startups, small businesses made up 99.9% of businesses in the country. Part of the motivation for many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in starting a business is the desire […]

5 Tips to Transition from Your Day Job to Starting a Business You Love

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Show Notes: (7:32) What’s the same, and what’s different from an in-person interview? (12:33) 3 Focus areas for your interview prep. (20:13) The bottom line. Show Links: + Episode #155 – How to be yourself around others. + Schedule a coaching call to mock interview with one of our coaches. + Download our *free* Career […]

172 – How do I convey my personality in a remote interview?

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Show Notes: (6:20) The interviewing mindset. (10:43) Examples of shifting your mindset. (14:48) Connecting to the company’s pinpoint. (16:56) Making the interview a two-way conversation. (20:11) Eliminating nervous energy – how can you do it? Show Links: + Dive into the Career Sweetspot Crash Course + Download our *free* Career Transition Planner. + Check out […]

171 – What’s the #1 thing that matters in an interview?

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