193 – Leadership Retreats, Communication Styles, and Kristi Skutvik Talks Company Culture + Moments That Matter



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On this week’s episode, Steve interviews Kristi Skutvik, founder of Skutvik Consulting, a Southern California-based HR consulting company. From her unexpected shift from accounting to global studies, to finding her knack for building relationships and talking to people, Kristi navigated a winding path through corporate recruiting and HR to eventually starting her own business. She’s on a mission to help companies redefine culture by creating small pockets of moments that matter – a workplace experience that will resonate with employees from hiring through retirement.

Show Notes


(00:00:00) Leadership Retreats

(00:02:23) Coaching Shoutouts

(00:05:43) Personality Gripe

(00:09:48) Intro to Kristi Skutvik, Founder of HR Consulting Company, Skutvik Consulting

(00:24:55) The Journey into HR Consulting and Beyond


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