194 – Tanning Beds, Interrupting + How to Prep for a Talk



Steve Perkins

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Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

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Ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve got to give a talk, whether it’s a planned presentation or an impromptu meeting pitch? Prepping for it can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Sundie shares her own talk prep formula that centers on one simple trick: work backward.

Show Notes


(00:00:00) Tanning Beds

(00:04:36) Coaching Shoutout

(00:08:13) Personality Gripe

(00:15:37) You’ve Been Asked to Give a Talk – What Now?

(00:22:33) The Slide Decks Aren’t the Presentation – You Are.

(00:27:06) Openings and Closings


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