Steve Perkins hosting the Career Sweetspot Podcast

Have you tried Steve’s calendar blocking method from Episode #186? Even if you have, it’s probably pretty tough to get yourself to stick to them! In this week’s episode, we talk everything from protecting those calendar blocks to Ted Lasso and haircut chats. We’re packing a lot into this one! And to top it all […]

191 – Ted Lasso, Haircut Chats + Entrepreneurship

Career Transition, Personal Growth, Podcast, Productivity

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Dana Lin with Greenhouse Coaching

When you’re overwhelmed and busy, it’s very difficult to get yourself out of that rut – because there’s no time! Luckily, there’s a simple tool that can fix it all: your calendar. Looking at your calendar with a fresh perspective, and being proactive instead of reactive, will give you new clarity and the space to […]

186 – Be the CEO of Your Own Calendar

Podcast, Productivity

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In this episode we explore practical strategies for streamlining administrative work and tasks as a business leader or solopreneur. Many of us know the frustrations of forgetting tasks or constantly feeling behind, and these common problems can hinder productivity and prevent you from focusing on key aspects of your business. Through this episode, we share […]

181 – Streamlining Administrative Work: Making Time for What Matters Most

Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Podcast, Productivity

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Steve Perkins with Greenhouse Coaching

Show Notes: Sundie and Steve recap the Career Sweetspot Workshop from this past weekend (0:20). Context and tactics for the ‘Keep or Kill’ list (11:09). Our ‘Keep’ list (18:35). Our ‘Kill’ list(28:37). Show Notes + Download our *free* Career Transition Planner. + Check out our tools and coaching offers.

177 – ‘Keep or Kill’ Lists: The Productivity Hack You’ve Been Missing

Podcast, Productivity

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Greenhouse Coaching team

Show Notes: (1:55) When should you set your goals for the year? (5:01) Are you problem-focused or goal-oriented? (6:30) What are some problems with the typical goal-setting framework? (9:30) Try picking a theme for the year. (14:20) Craft a vision to be a reference for all of your goals. (16:30) Write them down. (19:31) Focus […]

160 – Tips for ending the year well.

Personal Growth, Podcast, Productivity

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I don’t like little tips, hacks and add-ons. They tend to clutter our lives and don’t really change anything in a lasting way. I like to think it’s the main things that make a big difference. That’s why I live by the Weekly Planning Rhythm, outlined in the Greenhouse Method Coaching Membership. But sometimes you […]

How to deal with the little distractions.


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