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I don’t like little tips, hacks and add-ons. They tend to clutter our lives and don’t really change anything in a lasting way.

I like to think it’s the main things that make a big difference. That’s why I live by the Weekly Planning Rhythm, outlined in the Greenhouse Method Coaching Membership.

But sometimes you need just a quick tip to deal with the little distractions. So I’m breaking my own rule, and sharing a couple thoughts. Here’s what I say when it comes to the day-to-day distractions.

Have a list somewhere – in a journal, using One Note or another notes app. I call this a “backlog” list. When little distractions come up throughout the day, just put them on the backlog list for later! Then, get back to being focused.

The backlog list is something you can look through during the Weekly Planning Rhythm and decide what to do with each item. This way, you spend mental calories on those decisions all at once, instead of spreading them throughout every hour of every day during the week!

This also works well because the Weekly Planning Rhythm is the dedicated time when you’re in the mental mode of deciding what matters (with your goals in mind) and when to work on things.

And if you get hung up with worrying that people will be upset with you if you don’t immediately respond to everything… here’s the reality: they are focused on themselves, not you! Most of the time, people are focused on their own list (like you are), but we subliminally think they’re all thinking about ours.

Moral of the story: be the boss of the distractions. Don’t let the little things become too big, and keep focusing on what matters most!

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