181 – Streamlining Administrative Work: Making Time for What Matters Most



Steve Perkins

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In this episode we explore practical strategies for streamlining administrative work and tasks as a business leader or solopreneur. Many of us know the frustrations of forgetting tasks or constantly feeling behind, and these common problems can hinder productivity and prevent you from focusing on key aspects of your business. Through this episode, we share tips to help you focus on the big picture and reduce the overwhelm of daily administrative tasks.

Show Notes

In this episode we talk about:

  • The concept of a “focus sprint”
  • Centralized note-taking and to-do lists
  • Prioritization and time blocking
  • Taking ownership of your calendar
  • Delegating and investing in time-saving solutions
  • Keystone habits


(0:00) What Leaders Think About Burnout

(2:29) Coaching Shoutout

(4:17) Personality Myth

(9:23) How to Streamline Tasks / Admin Work

(12:17) Creating a Focus Sprint

(17:08) Organizing Tasks + Notes

(19:08) Time Blocks

(21:40) Delegating + Automating Work

(23:24) Keystone Habits

(24:06) Key Takeaway

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