182 – Gen Z (Part 2): What Do They Bring to the Table?



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In today’s episode, Sundie delves deeper into her series on Gen Z in the workplace. Every generation brings its own unique set of adjustments to the workplace, and today we’ll explore what makes Gen Z such a valuable addition to any team. In a constantly evolving world, each generation comes with a fresh perspective, and today we’re focusing on the positive contributions that Gen Z offers to the workplace.

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about some things that Gen Z brings to the table:

  • The ability to be incredible change agents
  • Entrepreneurial mindsets and problem-solving abilities
  • Desire for training and development
  • Alignment with company values
  • Motivation for a balanced life
  • Sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion


(0:00) Intro (TikTok + Hairstyles)

(4:26) Coaching Shoutout

(6:20) Personality Myth

(9:58) What People Love About Working With Gen Zs

(11:32) Gen Zs Keep Up with the Pace of Change

(12:04) Gen Zs Have Entrepreneurial Mindsets

(15:28) Gen Zs Fight for a Flexible Workplace

(22:52) Gen Zs Value Training & Development

(24:22) Gen Zs Care About Company Values

(24:39) Gen Zs Are Motivated by a Balanced Life

(25:48) Gen Zs Care About Sustainability, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

(27:54) Key Takeaways

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