183 – Role Definition Reloaded: Empowering Teams for Succes



Steve Perkins

Leadership, Podcast

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The topic of structuring roles is often brought up, but most times the “role” discussion is actually about identity and priorities. People want to know their unique value on the team, and what they’re supposed to be working on. In this episode we discuss common issues with the role conversation, tips for people leaders, and a surprising take on the real issue that causes tension with defining roles.


(00:00:00) Happy Hour: Are the 90’s back?

(00:03:29) Coaching Shoutout

(00:08:51) Personality Topic

(00:13:56) Structuring Team Roles

(00:18:10) The Surprising Reason Most People Feel Tension with Roles

(00:27:58) Bottom Line Takeaway

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