184 – Cracking the Code: The 3 C’s of Relating to Gen Z (Part 3)



Steve Perkins

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Join us in this final episode of the Gen Z episode series as Sundie shares valuable tips for leaders on how to connect with their Gen Z team members, learn from their experiences, and provide the support they need. We’ll explore the dos and don’ts of fostering meaningful working relationships with Gen Z and empower leaders to bridge the generation gap to embrace their team’s unique perspectives.

Show Notes

The 3 C’s of Relating to Gen Z:

  • Curiosity
  • Caring
  • Clarity


(0:00) Intro (Mother’s Day cards)

(4:45) Coaching Shoutout

(6:24) Personality Myth

(10:11) What not to do when leading Gen Z.

(11:15) How can you be a successful Gen Z leader?

(15:50) A regular 1:1 cadence is so important.

(18:00) The college conversation – have values changed?

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