185 – Picture-Perfect Meetings: Establish Yourself With a Visual!



Steve Perkins

Leadership, Personal Growth, Podcast

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Career Sweetspot Retreat Photo by Abigail Grey Photography

In this episode, Steve Perkins is sharing the ultimate hack for establishing yourself in meetings! The best part? It’s simple!

He’ll explore why being the first to share a visual can level up your presence, giving you the power to steer the conversation, highlight your leadership skills, and get everyone on the same page.

Show Notes


(0:00) Intro (Opting in to a lay-off?)

(6:20) Coaching Shout Out

(8:40) Personality Myth

(12:25) Use a visual to establish yourself in a meeting.

(15:27) What types of visuals should you use?

(19:30) Try it yourself with just two simple steps.


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