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Sundie Marquardt

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Many job seekers tell me that their number one struggle is inner confidence. How do you overcome insecurity? Well, I have a few thoughts:

First, there is usually a reason why you don’t have a job.  Now, let me clear … I’m not saying the reason you’re out of job is always related to performance, (that is a small percentage, actually!)

There are reasons like:

  • a toxic work environment where it was healthier to walk away
  • a sick relative to care for
  • the company you worked for downsized
  • a pandemic that changed the way we see work…

and so many more!

The issue is that being without a job starts to eat at our confidence.

Maybe we start thinking, “Am I losing my edge with my skills?”  or, “It’s been over a year since I’ve been out of work. Will anyone even want me?” Sometimes the narrative in our head starts to become negative as the employment gap grows wider.

So, what can you do to begin to step back into confidence? Here are a few simple starting points:

  1. Admit how you’re feeling to someone who understands, (either another job seeker or potentially a career coach.) Sometimes, just being heard and hearing that others feel this way too can be the first step towards feeling like yourself again.
  2. Write the true narrative out in a journal: naming what really happened and what you really know about yourself. When you weren’t low in confidence, what did others say you were amazing at?  Keep that in front of you and remind yourself often of this truth.
  3. Learn something new.  Even if it’s not an actual certification, there are so many online learning platforms  you can learn from (even for free!) This will add to your skills, and builds your own belief in self back up.  It also gives you things to talk about with others – and they’ll be excited with you!

If you’re ready to dig in to this more, many people love to be a part of our weekly Group Coaching for Job Seekers. Each week, a small group of job seekers meet for an hour with one of our Expert Coaches (including me!) Together we address issues like, “How are you doing in the area of confidence?” It’s a really great opportunity to discuss the highs and lows of the journey and support one another along the way. If this sounds interesting to you, you can join us here.

Whatever next step you choose, I hope you find the confidence you need to keep going. You are worth investing in, and we’re here to help see you through what’s next!

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