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Delegation is a funny topic. Before you’re a people-leader, it sounds like a boring conversation. But once you manage others, it’s more like, “Yes! Please say more!!”

That’s because most of us who lead other people feel overwhelmed and struggle to delegate well so we can focus time in our sweet spot. We struggle with delegation for several reasons:

  • Never really learned how
  • Afraid your people won’t do it right (or as good as you)
  • Don’t want to burden people
  • It’s faster to do it yourself
  • Afraid of being a micro-manager
  • Don’t want to have to correct your people later

Delegation is also one of those things leaders tend to stumble into, without clarity on how they want to do it – without a predictable, repeatable framework. (This goes for the person on the receiving end of delegation as well.) If there’s no predictability to how handoffs will work, then balls can be dropped and miscommunication is waiting at the doorstep.

Effective delegation is not abdication or micro-management. It sits in the middle as a healthy balance of providing enough direction, enough freedom, and robust clarity of expectations. This winning combination allows work to truly come off the leader’s plate, and allows the delegate-e to truly do their best work.

There are many complicated frameworks out there, but the best framework is one that you can easily remember and use in-the-moment.

The 3 levels of simple delegation are:
+ Delegate the thinking
+ Delegate the task
+ Delegate the ownership

We’ve created a simple-to-use, *free* downloadable resource, which reviews the simple framework that we use, and help our hundreds of other leaders to use so they can multiply themselves and finally find control of their calendar again. At the end, we’ve provided some questions for reflection as you consider your next step of delegation.

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