2 Simple Steps to Make Space This Year.



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What are some tools you know to help get organized and make space on your calendar? How do you budget your time well week over week?

This may be hard to answer! We’re either busy doing doing doing or we’re busy doing nothing (Netflix binge anyone?)

Whether we’re wanting to land a job, get the promotion, go back to school, find more quality time with loved ones, or finally start that hobby: we make little to no progress because we’re either everywhere or nowhere. 

So what can we do? 

Get organized. 

Getting organized — in both our thoughts and in our daily lives — is the first step.

However, before you begin to decide what your goals are and what’s important to you, you want to first “clean house.”

So let’s say you want to do some professional improvement this year by taking an online course. Where to begin? You begin first by making space! Check out this exercise:


Take a look at your calendar. Notice: what’s taking your energy? Is it totally necessary? Before you can add the online course into your calendar, you have to make sure there are available blocks of time for it. 

It’s similar to redecorating a room: before you remodel and put in new furnishings, you want to throw out anything you no longer want!

When it comes to making space, you remove anything unnecessary from your calendar by letting go of anything that’s sucking up your time and energy.

Time Blocks

Next, take a quick look at your calendar. Where can you make some time for yourself? Take a look at where you have blocks of space. Do you even have space? If you don’t, dig deeper and declutter even more.

If you still can’t find the time, ask yourself: is the right time to do this? It’s okay if it isn’t! Life happens and sometimes we have to make room for other responsibilities before we can dedicate ourselves to other areas. 

But if you do find you have time on your calendar, great! You can now insert the time needed to take the course (and don’t forget to input time needed for studying, etc.!)

Don’t wait! Make time this week to put effort towards making space: go to your favorite coffee shop or park bench and spend just 20 minutes diving into this exercise.

I think you’ll be surprised the progress you’ll make!

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  1. Lorrie Meyer says:

    All good advice, Dana. Time organization is key. If I am not working Friday, I will give it a go.

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