142 – 7 Personality myths, debunked.



Steve Perkins

Personal Growth, Podcast

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Show Notes:

(1:10-5:02) our team’s favorite personality tests. (5:10-8:17 ) what these tests *really* tell us + how they help us understand those around us. (8:21-12:10) myth #1: the results define your potential for career success. (12:15-18:59) myth #2: your personality type is set in stone. (19:00-22:22)  myth #3: your personality is an excuse for your behavior. (22:24-28:26) myths #4 + 5: extroverts + introverts are *always* … (28:27-29:48) myth #6: laidback personalities are disorganized. (29:54- 36:23) myth #7: being one personality type doesn’t make you better or worse than another. 

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