Who’s On Your Team?



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Who’s on your team?

It’s a phrase that Jacquelyn, our Community + Experience Manager, came up with on a call with her career coach — and we use it all the time now!

Here’s the thing.

There is a severe knowing-doing gap.

We have more information readily available on growth and development than ever before…

Yet more people are STUCK than ever before.

This is why [quality] coaching has been on the rise and rapidly becoming the norm, instead of the exception reserved only for high-level leaders.

Quality coaches don’t really tell you anything you don’t already know. They might give you new ideas, but information can just be Googled.

So why coaching?

Why are people so stuck so often?

I’m probably stuck at least 5 times a week, so I know the feeling. I also have more than 5 coaches in my life, and couldn’t imaging going-it alone.

After seeing thousands of coaching scenarios, I think the reason it’s growing in popularity is because a great coach SEES you.

You feel understood.

You stop bluffing.

And you clarify the path forward to where you want to be.

Not to mention, a great coach can clearly see your unique gifts and abilities. They key-in on the nuanced things that need to be fixed.

I just love this stuff! I never get tired of seeing people discover themselves and take tangible steps into the things they were always capable of but not able to do in the world.

I love seeing people cross the knowing-doing gap, and feeling the excitement of things that are actually possible for their life.

So, I’ll ask again: who’s on your team?

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