205 – Mandatory Time Off, Startup Failure Rates + Battling Imposter Syndrome with Greenhouse Coach Britnie McDonald



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You know when you look around a room at work and feel like you don’t belong? Like you’re a fraud? We have so many clients who feel this exact same way, so we’re talking with Greenhouse Coach Britnie McDonald this week about some easy ways to get out of that mindset – so you can walk into a room and feel confident, knowing your unique gifts and abilities are needed and appreciated by the world.

Show Notes


(00:00:00) Mandatory Time Off

(00:06:23) Virtual Tardiness

(00:08:21) Startup Failure Rates

(00:12:05) Intro to Greenhouse Coach Britnie McDonald

(00:31:46) You Have a Unique Combination of Gifts and Abilities to Offer


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