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Because you’re an intentional person, you’ve probably begun thinking about taking some time to reflect on 2022. Notice the key word there? Thinking.

What if this year, you took the time to actually reflect on your year? Not some huge, drawn out, time- consuming reflective process, but instead, just 15-minutes with yourself, a notebook and your beverage of choice!

Here’s the thing: reflection doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it. So, today, I have a simple 3-step process for you to help you reflect on 2022. You’ll reflect on your year in just 15 minutes, and I guarantee it will help you live more intentionally in 2023.

​3 Questions for Self Reflection

Set aside 15 minutes to answer these questions. You can use a notebook/notes app, or talk it through with a friend, partner or colleague.

1. What worked this year?

Set a timer for 5 minutes and write out a few things that worked for you this year: experiences you had, productivity hacks you found, books + podcasts you enjoyed listened are great examples. Have fun with this one, and really reflect on what worked.

2. What didn’t work this year?

Now, set a timer again for 5 minutes and reflect on what didn’t work this year. Examples of this could be projects that didn’t go well, time-management practices that are no longer serving you – anything! Don’t stress too much on this part, simply notice what didn’t work for you.

3. What did I learn this year?

Lastly, set a timer for 5 minutes and reflect on what you learned this year. A great way to consider your learnings is to review your notebook/notes app, calendar, and even pictures on your phone! You’ll be surprised by how many things you’ve learned this year.

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