190 – Saying No, Listening Differences + The Sticky Note Mindset Hack



Steve Perkins

Personal Growth, Podcast

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Greenhouse Team Photo by Abigail Grey Photography

Ever wondered how a simple sticky note could trigger a whole wave of change? In this week’s episode, Sundie unravels the psychological power behind these little visual reminders and how they nudge us toward a better version of ourselves. Join us as we talk about picking just one thing, jotting it down on that sticky note, and watching it transform into a habit.

Show Notes


(00:00:00) Steve’s a Hero!

(00:03:10) Coaching Shoutout

(00:05:52) Personality Gripe

(00:08:03) The Sticky Note Hack

(00:14:20) Is it Habit or Mindset?


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