153 – How to organize your job search.



Steve Perkins

Career Transition, Podcast

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(3:27-5:00) What this episode *isn’t* (hint – it’s not a list of job search tools!). (5:01-7:08)  Getting over the mental block and overwhelm. (7:12-9:41) Get yourself a notebook! (9:50-13:22) Plan the week ahead. (13:28-15:20) Organize the people + the companies. (15:28-16:58)  Don’t diminish the ‘research blocks’. (17:00-19:10) Prioritize your Personal Brand Statement. (19:17-23:10) Find your ‘happy place’. (23:13-24:50) Use sticky notes to organize your thoughts. (24:55-25:18) Identify (and seek out!) your support system.

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