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It’s officially summertime here in the US, which might mean you’re turning down the volume on all things personal + professional growth and productivity.

But, what if you had something small to focus on? To keep your momentum going and help you decide where you need to focus next? Maybe by the pool or with a special beverage in hand!

That’s why we created these free resources for you:

Feeling overwhelmed by opportunities? Start with our What’s Next? quiz! With less than 10 questions, this quiz will quickly direct you toward your next right step. We created it ourselves, based on our own experience and research. It’s fun and informative, and you’ll receive a real, tangible output in the end that you can take with you and work through this summer.

Greenhouse Guide to Summer

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    Already took the quiz? Or want to explore some life and work ideas you have brewing? Download our Greenhouse Guide to Summer: your how-to guide to making progress this summer in your life and career, but make it fun! It includes our proprietary guides to:

    • 3 Steps to Figuring out Your Career Sweetspot
    • An Easy Guide to Connecting with Curiosity (our term for Networking!)
    • 6 Ways to Advance Your Career
    • Lists of our favorite reads, talks + Greenhouse Podcast episodes

    And hey, know someone who needs these resources too? Forward this email to them. They’ll be so glad you did, and you’ll be glad you helped them out.

    Cheers to summertime!

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