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Chris M.

Over the course of my life I have slowly collected activities and ideas I am passionate about. I want to combine them to create the life I love. I am inspired by Greenhouse to learn how to make this happen.

step into what's possible in your life and leadership




Clarify your Career Sweetspot



Clarify your Career Sweetspot

Making Space is more than just freeing up your calendar or taking time off; here, you’ll learn how to overcome burnout so you can breathe and have the ability to move forward into your purpose and potential. This step is essential if you’re feeling overwhelmed, or unsure where to start.

Make Space

Are you rethinking your career? Maybe you’re not sure what’s next, or what you want to be when you “grow up.” Here’s the truth: it’s possible for you to figure out your unique abilities and translate them into your work. We have a process that will help you figure out what you’re good at, what you’re uniquely wired to do, and how to translate that into a fulfilling career.

Discover Your Career Sweetspot



Know what you’re looking for in your career, but unsure how to get there? We’ll help you find your next job with speed and confidence. Learn the six key, actionable tools to get unstuck in your job search, and take the next step forward in your career.

Land Your Ideal Job

Maybe a pre-existing job isn’t the right fit for you. Maybe starting a business, or growing an existing business you have is the best place to start. Here, we’ll teach you the eight essential components of growing your business so you can build a career with greater freedom of choice, flexibility to live life the way you envision, and spend the best hours of your day at the center of your purpose.

Build Your Dream Business


Step into what's possible in your life and leadership

Ready to live more intentionally and accomplish your goals? Our simple planning system takes the constant thinking out of it all, so you know what to do. Ditch all the complex productivity hacks and use our simple rhythms to stay focused on what matters most.

Craft Your Vision, Goals + Weekly Rhythm

Live more fully and do the work you were uniquely wired to do. Here we’ll teach you the skills and tools you need to hone in your leadership skills, while helping others live into their potential too.

Coaching topics include: Mindset + Habits, Core Values, Ideal Calendar, Prioritization, Personal Brand, Interview Prep, Offer Negotiation, Getting Your First Client, and more!

Grow as a Leader + Help Others


Our unique coaching process for discovering and growing in your Career Sweetspot.

With 20+ years of coaching, study, and our own experience, we’ve learned how many people are stuck and unfulfilled in their work, operating at a fraction of what they’re capable of. We developed the Greenhouse Method as our unique coaching process that helps individuals and teams clarify their purpose + unique abilities, put them into action, and grow into their potential.

The Greenhouse Method pairs this process with high-quality professional coaching to make sure the change is real. Most tools and approaches fizzle out and Monday it's back to old habits, but coaching is different since it ensures customized insight and consistent action. The result: greater fulfillment in the every-day doing work you love, feeling more productive and focused, leading others well, and living the life you want.

This approach works because it's like a greenhouse. Not about trying harder or forcing a result, but instead, just creating the right environment. The potential is already in the seed, and in the right environment, it will flourish into something beautiful. Seed, soil, water, and sun. The seed is your Career Sweetspot - you have to know what kind seed you’re dealing with in order to help it thrive. Soil represents the steps to move forward. Water is the coaching for clarity, guidance, and accountability. And sun is community, which makes it all work - you can’t do it alone.


Communications Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Carey A.

My coaching experience provided me with an objective, safe place to openly share and discuss my challenges. There was a level of absolute trust that enabled me to be my true self, free of judgment and fear of retribution.




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